Wedding Awards – The Reality

Whilst some wedding suppliers may choose to participate in various wedding awards I personally choose to invest my time focusing on customer care & my business rather than spending hours of my valuable time & money on trying to win awards that are meaningless.

Here’s why…..

  • In my experience for most wedding awards you have to pay to enter, making them a profit making industry in their own right. This means they are not representative of the wedding industry as a whole but only of those that have chosen to pay to enter and are driven by profit not quality or customer service.  

  • There is no selection process or voting. As long as you’ve paid your entry fee you are shortlisted for your categories. This means anyone can get through regardless of the services they offer or how they deal with their customers.

  • Once through to the finalist stages Suppliers then need votes to win. I don’t want to be hassling past customers begging for votes and testimonials. Most have already given me valuable testimonials in my own right which to me are much more valuable than any award.

  • There are now so many different wedding awards that none represent a truly representative cross section of wedding suppliers

  • Suppliers that have entered these ‘awards’ drive a lot of web traffic to the websites of those organising the awards meaning they reap even more profits from advertising.

  • Because all suppliers are finalists they then have to pay (a lot) to attend the gala awards ceremony & dinner adding even further to the profits of awards body

Rest assured that I pride myself on delivering absolute customer care and a second to none service to all my clients. You can see for yourself on my facebook reviews page


Last Updated: 22/10/2018 13:03

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